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WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD! By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy. Enabled features apply to all users of this browser. If you are an enterprise admin you should not be using these flags in production.

DisponibleNon disponible

Temporarily unexpire M107 flags.

Temporarily unexpire flags that expired as of M107. These flags will be removed soon. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Temporarily unexpire M108 flags.

Temporarily unexpire flags that expired as of M108. These flags will be removed soon. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Override software rendering list

Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Accelerated 2D canvas

Enables the use of the GPU to perform 2d canvas rendering instead of using software rendering. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Select HW overlay strategies

Select strategies used to promote quads to HW overlays. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Partial swap

Sets partial swap behavior. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC.

Conceal local IP addresses with mDNS hostnames. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Extensions on edge:// URLs

Enables running extensions on edge:// URLs, where extensions explicitly request this permission. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Show Autofill predictions

Annotates web forms with Autofill field type predictions as placeholder text. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Smooth Scrolling

Animate smoothly when scrolling page content. – Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental QUIC protocol

Enable experimental QUIC protocol support. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Latest stable JavaScript features

Some web pages use legacy or non-standard JavaScript extensions that may conflict with the latest JavaScript features. This flag allows disabling support of those features for compatibility with such pages. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental JavaScript

Enable web pages to use experimental JavaScript features. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental JavaScript shared memory features

Enable web pages to use non-standard, experimental JavaScript shared memory features. Their use requires the same HTTP headers required by cross-thread usage of SharedArrayBuffers (i.e. COOP and COEP). – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental WebAssembly

Enable web pages to use experimental WebAssembly features. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental WebAssembly Stack Switching

Enable web pages to use experimental WebAssembly stack switching features. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


WebAssembly baseline compiler

Enables WebAssembly baseline compilation and tier up. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


WebAssembly lazy compilation

Enables lazy (JIT on first call) compilation of WebAssembly modules. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


WebAssembly tiering

Enables tiered compilation of WebAssembly (will tier up to TurboFan if #enable-webassembly-baseline is enabled). – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Future V8 VM features

This enables upcoming and experimental V8 VM features. This flag does not enable experimental JavaScript features. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


GPU rasterization

Use GPU to rasterize web content. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental Web Platform features

Enables experimental Web Platform features that are in development. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Hardware-accelerated video decode

Hardware-accelerated video decode where available. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Hardware-accelerated video encode

Hardware-accelerated video encode where available. – Mac, Windows, Android


Hardware Secure Decryption Fallback

Allows automatically disabling hardware secure Content Decryption Module (CDM) after failures or crashes. Subsequent playback may use software secure CDMs. If this feature is disabled, the fallback will never happen and users could be stuck with playback failures. – Windows


MediaFoundation for Clear

Enable/Disable the use of MediaFoundation for non-protected content playback on supported systems. – Windows


Enable Zero-Copy Video Capture

Camera produces a gpu friendly buffer on capture and, if there is, hardware accelerated video encoder consumes the buffer – Windows


Debugging for packed apps

Enables debugging context menu options such as Inspect Element for packed applications. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Show autofill signatures.

Annotates web forms with Autofill signatures as HTML attributes. Also marks password fields suitable for password generation. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Automatic detection of WebUSB-compatible devices

When enabled, the user will be notified when a device which advertises support for WebUSB is connected. Disable if problems with USB devices are observed when the browser is running. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Overscroll history navigation

History navigation in response to horizontal overscroll. – Windows, Linux


WebGL Draft Extensions

Enabling this option allows web applications to access the WebGL extensions that are still in draft status. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Zero-copy rasterizer

Raster threads write directly to GPU memory associated with tiles. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android



Use vulkan as the graphics backend. – Windows, Linux, Android


Enable system notifications.

Enable support for using the system notification toasts and notification center on platforms where these are available. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Threaded scrolling

Threaded handling of scroll-related input events. Disabling this will force all such scroll events to be handled on the main thread. Note that this can dramatically hurt scrolling performance of most websites and is intended for testing purposes only. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Isolate additional origins

Requires dedicated processes for an additional set of origins, specified as a comma-separated list. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Disable site isolation

Disables site isolation (SitePerProcess, IsolateOrigins, etc). Intended for diagnosing bugs that may be due to out-of-process iframes. Opt-out has no effect if site isolation is force-enabled using a command line switch or using an enterprise policy. Caution: this disables important mitigations for the Spectre CPU vulnerability affecting most computers. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.

Allows requests to localhost over HTTPS even when an invalid certificate is presented. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Bypass user engagement checks

Bypasses user engagement checks for displaying app banners, such as requiring that users have visited the site before and that the banner hasn't been shown recently. This allows developers to test that other eligibility requirements for showing app banners, such as having a manifest, are met. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Desktop PWAs remove status bar

Hides the status bar popup in Desktop PWA app windows. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Default offline page for PWAs

Shows customised default offline page when web app is offline. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Desktop PWA tab strips

Experimental UI for tabbed application mode - exploring what PWA windows would look like with a tab strip. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Desktop PWA tab strips settings

Experimental UI for selecting whether a PWA should open in tabbed mode. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Desktop PWA launch handler

Enable web app manifests to declare app launch behavior. Prototype implementation of: https://github.com/WICG/web-app-launch/blob/main/launch_handler.md – Mac, Windows, Linux


Desktop PWA Sub Apps

Enable installed PWAs to create shortcuts by installing their sub apps. Prototype implementation of: https://github.com/ivansandrk/multi-apps/blob/main/explainer.md – Mac, Windows, Linux


Desktop PWA Window Minimize/maximize/restore

Enable PWAs to manually recreate the minimize, maximize and restore window functionalities with respective APIs. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Desktop PWAs Web Bundles

Adds support for web bundles, making web apps able to be launched offline. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Record web app debug info

Enables recording additional web app related debugging data to be displayed in: edge://web-app-internals – Mac, Windows, Linux


Connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses

Have the Media Router connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses, not just RFC1918/RFC4193 private addresses. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Allow all sites to initiate mirroring

When enabled, allows all websites to request to initiate tab mirroring via Presentation API. Requires #cast-media-route-provider to also be enabled – Mac, Windows, Linux


WebXR Incubations

Enables experimental features for WebXR. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Force WebXr Runtime

Force the browser to use a particular runtime, even if it would not usually be enabled or would otherwise not be selected based on the attached hardware. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Experimental system keyboard lock

Enables websites to use the keyboard.lock() API to intercept system keyboard shortcuts and have the events routed directly to the website when in fullscreen mode. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Block scripts loaded via document.write

Disallows fetches for third-party parser-blocking scripts inserted into the main frame via document.write. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Use Windows Runtime MIDI API

Use Windows Runtime MIDI API for WebMIDI (effective only on Windows 10 or later). – Windows


Force UI direction

Explicitly force the UI to left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) mode, overriding the default direction of the UI language. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Force text direction

Explicitly force the per-character directionality of UI text to left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) mode, overriding the default direction of the character language. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


TLS Post-Quantum Confidentiality

This option enables a post-quantum (i.e. resistent to quantum computers) key exchange algorithm in TLS (CECPQ2). – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents

Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental Web Payments API features

Enable experimental Web Payments API features – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Fill passwords on account selection

Filling of passwords when an account is explicitly selected by the user rather than autofilling credentials on page load. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Generic Sensor Extra Classes

Enables an extra set of sensor classes based on Generic Sensor API, which expose previously unavailable platform features, i.e. AmbientLightSensor and Magnetometer interfaces. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Omnibox Fuzzy URL Suggestions

Enables URL suggestions for inputs that may contain typos. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Omnibox Rich Autocompletion

Allow autocompletion for titles and non-prefixes. I.e. suggestions whose titles or URLs contain the user input as a continuous chunk, but not necessarily a prefix, can be the default suggestion. Typically, only suggestions whose URLs are prefixed by the user input can be. The potential variations toggle 4 params: 1) 'Title UI' displays titles, 2) '2-Line UI' includes titles (and URLs when autocompleting titles) on a 2nd line, 3) 'Title AC' autocompletes titles, and 4) 'Non-Prefix AC' autocompletes non-prefixes. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Omnibox Rich Autocompletion Shortcut Text

Allow autocompletion for shortcut texts. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Omnibox Rich Autocompletion Prefer URLs over prefixes

When the input matches both a suggestion's title's prefix and its URL's non-prefix, autocomplete the URL. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Omnibox Rich Autocompletion Promising Combinations

Allow autocompletion for titles and non-prefixes. Suggestions whose titles or URLs contain the user input as a continuous chunk, but not necessarily a prefix, can be the default suggestion. Otherwise, only suggestions whose URLs are prefixed by the user input can be. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Force color profile

Forces Microsoft Edge to use a specific color profile instead of the color of the window's current monitor, as specified by the operating system. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Forced Colors

Enables forced colors mode for web content. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Microsoft Edge heap profiler start mode.

Starts heap profiling service that records sampled memory allocation profile having each sample attributed with a callstack. The sampling resolution is controlled with --memlog-sampling-rate flag. Recorded heap dumps can be obtained at edge://tracing [category:memory-infra] and edge://memory-internals. This setting controls which processes will be profiled since their start. To profile any given process at a later time use edge://memory-internals page. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Heap profiling sampling interval (in bytes).

Heap profiling service uses Poisson process to sample allocations. Default value for the interval between samples is 1000000 (1MB). This results in low noise for large and/or frequent allocations [size * frequency >> 1MB]. This means that aggregate numbers [e.g. total size of malloc-ed objects] and large and/or frequent allocations can be trusted with high fidelity. Lower intervals produce higher samples resolution, but come at a cost of higher performance overhead. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Heap profiling stack traces type.

By default heap profiling service records native stacks. A post-processing step is required to symbolize the stacks. 'Native with thread names' adds the thread name as the first frame of each native stack. It's also possible to record a pseudo stack using trace events as identifiers. It's also possible to do a mix of both. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches

Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the Omnibox UI. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Omnibox Dynamic Max Autocomplete

Configures the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the Omnibox UI dynamically based on the number of URL matches. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Block insecure private network requests.

Prevents non-secure contexts from making subresource requests to more-private IP addresses. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Respect the result of Private Network Access preflights

Enables sending Private Network Access preflights ahead of requests to more-private IP addresses. These preflight requests must succeed in order for the request to proceed. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Enable pixel canvas recording

Pixel canvas recording allows the compositor to raster contents aligned with the pixel and improves text rendering. This should be enabled when a device is using fractional scale factor. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Parallel downloading

Enable parallel downloading to accelerate download speed. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Tab Hover Card Images

Shows a preview image in tab hover cards, if tab hover cards are enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable network logging to file

Enables network logging to a file named netlog.json in the user data directory. The file can be imported into edge://net-internals. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Use XPS for printing

When enabled, use XPS printing API instead of the GDI print API. – Windows


Use XPS for printing from PDF

When enabled, use XPS printing API instead of the GDI print API when printing PDF documents. – Windows


Enable Windows.Gaming.Input

Enable Windows.Gaming.Input by default to provide game controller support on Windows 10 desktop. – Windows


Insecure origins treated as secure

Treat given (insecure) origins as secure origins. Multiple origins can be supplied as a comma-separated list. Origins must have their protocol specified e.g. "http://example.com". For the definition of secure contexts, see https://w3c.github.io/webappsec-secure-contexts/ – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Calculate window occlusion on Windows

Calculate window occlusion on Windows will be used in the future to throttle and potentially unload foreground tabs in occluded windows – Windows


Choose ANGLE graphics backend

Choose the graphics backend for ANGLE. D3D11 is used on most Windows computers by default. Using the OpenGL driver as the graphics backend may result in higher performance in some graphics-heavy applications, particularly on NVIDIA GPUs. It can increase battery and memory usage of video playback. – Windows


Ask Before Closing Multiple Tabs

To prevent accidentally closing multiple tabs, the browser can prompt if you want to close all tabs. You can turn this setting on or off in Settings and more (…) > Settings > Appearance > Customize browser. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Load Edge Authentication Manager only after browser startup

If enabled, ensures that actual Edge Authentication Manager is loaded only after browser startup. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Auto Immersive Reader

Automatically enter Immersive Reader on eligible pages – Mac, Windows, Linux


Automatic HTTPS

Enables support for Automatic HTTPS, which switches connections to websites from HTTP to HTTPS. The feature can then be turned on/off or further configured at edge://settings/privacy. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Show block option in autoplay settings

If enabled, block will appear as an option in media autoplay settings. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Assigns the Backspace key to go back a page

If enabled, user can press Backspace to go back a page and Shift+Backspace to go forward a page. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Combine sync consent and sign in

If enabled, show the combined sync sign in experience. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable Back/Forward Cache

Enables Back/Forward Caching with associated parameters to facilitate testing on Edge. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Enable Fullscreen Dropdown

Drops down browser frame during browser fullscreen. – Windows


Experimental Tracking Prevention Features

Enables upcoming and experimental improvements to Tracking Prevention. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Favorites configuration export for administrators

Enables a feature in the favorites management experience (edge://favorites) for administrators to export favorites configuration state for use in the Configure Favorites enterprise policy. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable experimentation 'full' mode

If enabled and 'ExperimentationAndConfigurationServiceControl' group policy was not set, Edge client will behave as if the group policy was set to 'full mode', which will enable experimentation on the client. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Use Aura for Find on page

Compose Find on page UI using Aura instead of using a popup window – Windows


Result filters for find on page

Allows Find on page results to be filtered by case, whole word, or diacritics. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Do not show guided switch for https://login.microsoftonline.com/*

If disabled and if the path following https://login.microsoftonline.com/ is not common, consumers, organizations, or an MSA/AAD tenant ID then guided switch will not be shown. If enabled, guided switch will be shown to AAD account type – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Show guided switch to AAD profile for https://login.microsoftonline.com/organizations/*

If enabled, when navigating to https://login.microsoftonline.com/organizations/* the user will be prompted to switch to an AAD profile if not in one already. If disabled, no guided switch will be prompted. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Enable history accelerator to open the full page

Enables the History keyboard shortcut to open the full page instead of the hub. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Enable Linked Account

Enables toggle to control Linked Account – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Logging Textfield Lag

Logs if the omnibox has any significant lag for an ammount of time – Mac, Windows, Linux


Allow Microsoft Search with Bing for any default search engine

Experience the benefits of enterprise search results powered by Microsoft Search with Bing regardless of the Address Bar's Default Search Engine. This feature can be managed via the AddressBarMicrosoftSearchInBingProviderEnabled policy. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Allow tab-to-search using Microsoft Search with Bing

Scope your search query to just internal, enterprise results powered by Microsoft Search with Bing by typing specific keywords and pressing "tab" before typing your search query. Keywords for scoping to internal, enterprise results include "work" and the name of your organization (ie: "Microsoft", "Contoso", etc.). Coming soon - the ability to manage this functionality via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center including specifying your own custom keywords. This feature can be managed via the AddressBarMicrosoftSearchInBingProviderEnabled policy. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Use Aura for Omnibox

Compose Omnibox using Aura instead of using a popup window – Windows


Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme

In the omnibox, hide the scheme from steady state displayed URLs. It is restored during editing. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Trivial Subdomains

In the omnibox, hide trivial subdomains from steady state displayed URLs. Hidden portions are restored during editing. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Microsoft Edge Reading View

Enables Reading view in Microsoft Edge – Mac, Windows, Linux


Immersive Reader for Readable Frame

Enable Immersive Reader for pages with Edge Readable Frame – Mac, Windows, Linux


Immersive Reader for Edge Readable Elements

Enable Immersive Reader for pages that have Edge Readable marked elements – Mac, Windows, Linux


Microsoft Edge Reading View Text Preference

Enable text preferences in reading view that lets you customize font sizes and background themes -- Windows and Mac – Mac, Windows, Linux


Reduce the minor version in the Edge User-Agent string

Reduce the minor, build, and patch versions in the Edge User-Agent string. The version in the User-Agent string will be reported as Edg/<major_version>.0.0.0. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Adds related matches to find on page results. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Project Robin experiment

If enabled, Project Robin features are enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Microsoft Edge Share Menu

Enables the new Share menu. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Show feature and workflow recommendations

When this setting is Enabled, Microsoft Edge may show active messages recommending specific features and workflows based on your activities – Windows


Sound content setting

Enable site-wide muting in content settings and tab strip context menu. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Override profile based Single Sign On with the logged in Windows Account.

Ignores the user's profile for Single Sign On and overrides it with the currently logged in Windows account for Single Sign On. – Windows


Enable Swipe to ShyUI

Reveal ShyUI with swipe down gesture. – Windows


Tab Close Controller

When multiple tabs are closing, it waits until all the unload handlers are complete before attempting to close the tabs, and groups them together in recently closed. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Microsoft Edge tracking prevention

Enables tracking prevention in Microsoft Edge – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Show Windows 11 visual effects in title bar and toolbar

Enables an appearance setting to use same visual effects as Windows 11 on your browser. This option can then be turned on/off at edge://settings/appearance. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Make Rounded Tabs feature available

Enables an appearance setting to use rounded corners for browser tabs. This option can then be turned on/off at edge://settings/appearance. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable Experimental Apps Hub and Menu

Experience the experimental apps menu redesign that allows users to access their apps from a pinned Edge window or quickly access the list of apps from a toolbar icon. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable Workspaces

Enables Microsoft Edge Workspaces for preview eligible users. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable CDM Override Service

Enables a service to override which CDMs are supported for a certain domain with a value supplied by Microsoft. – Windows


Media Foundation Site Based Experimentation for Windows 10

If enabled, Microsoft Edge will use Media Foundation for media playback for a constrained set of sites. This feature works independent of the Media Foundation playback for Windows feature. The set of test sites is controlled via server configuration from Microsoft. This feature requires Windows 10+. – Windows


PlayReady DRM for Windows

Enables the PlayReady content decryption module in Microsoft Edge. This feature requires Windows 10+. – Windows


Microsoft Root Store

Enable use of Microsoft Root Store over platform roots. On some platforms this may also enable Cert Verifier. – Mac, Windows


Enable accessibility support for reading PDF forms

Enable users to read PDF form documents using accessibility clients. There is limited support for editing form fields using accessibility clients. – Mac, Windows, Linux


If a link opened from the OS is within the scope of an installed web app, the web app can be launched to handle the link navigation. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Installed web apps are able to provide a native-like link handling experience by registering as URI handlers with the operating system. – Windows


Web App Sidebar

Enables a sidebar experience within web application windows. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable Migration of browser installed PWA to Store installed PWA

Enables replacement of browser installed web app with Windows Store installed web app. Requires the same web app to be installed by user from browser and Windows Store. – Windows


Widevine DRM

Enables the Widevine content decryption module in Microsoft Edge. – Mac, Windows


Enable Smooth Scrolling for PDF

Enables smooth and responsive scrolling for PDF files in the browser – Mac, Windows, Linux


ClickOnce Support

When enabled, file downloads that request ClickOnce handling will invoke the ClickOnce application with the server-provided URL. This feature flag will be overridden if your organization configures the "Allow users to open files using the ClickOnce protocol" policy. – Windows


Enable D2D Printing

If enabled, printing will be done using an alternate D2D Printing pipeline instead of GDI on Windows. – Windows


Delay initial navigation for EMIE list download

When the browser is launched, delay the initial navigation until the EMIE Sitelist has been downloaded and parsed to ensure that the initial page is placed in IE mode if needed. – Windows


Enable Experimental Developer Control Center

If enabled, Microsoft Edge will expose developer-targeted settings via the edge://developer page. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable remote debugging through Windows Device Portal

Enables remote debugging of browser tabs over the local network through Windows Device Portal. – Windows


Enable Experimentation Payload Fetch on startup

Enables experimentation payload fetch on startup and every time the app enters foreground, regardless of the time passed in between the fetches. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Disable Edge PVM

Disables Edge PVM – Windows


Enhance text contrast

Renders text using the same contrast and gamma settings that are used elsewhere in Windows. Run the ClearType Text Tuner to adjust the contrast and gamma settings for your monitor. – Windows


Edge HapticsDevice API

Enables the HapticsDevice API for PointerEvents. – Windows


Enable IE window hang resistance for IE Integration

Enables resistance to Internet Explorer window hangs for Internet Explorer mode – Windows


Expanded launch timing for launches by other applications

Allow additional launch timing metrics to be calculated for Microsoft Edge launches initiated by other applications. – Windows


Import data from Microsoft Edge Legacy

Adds an entry for "Microsoft Edge Legacy" to the list of browsers from which you can import your data. This allows you to import favorites, passwords, browsing history, and more. To import data from another browser, go to edge://settings/importData – Windows


Microsoft 360 Viewer Extension

If enabled, sites can use the Microsoft 360 Viewer Extension to present 360 videos to VR – Windows


Windows 11 fluent scrollbars.

Enables Windows 11 fluent scrollbars. Overlay scrollbars are currently being developed and will be available in future releases. – Windows


Allow preloading of pages by other applications

Other applications on the system may request that Microsoft Edge download and cache content to speed up future page loads for the user. Content retrieved in this manner can be managed via cache and cookie controls in edge://settings. – Windows


Boost screen refresh rate when scrolling.

Allows Windows to temporarily boost the refresh rate up when scrolling (provided the machine has a VRR panel and a supporing driver). This provides an overall smoother scrolling experience. – Windows


Group Toast Notifications By Website

Uses the website domain as the primary source for displayed web notifications instead of Microsoft Edge. Depends on the 'Toast Notification Background Task Event Handlers' flag. Also requires Windows 10 May 2020 Update or later. – Windows


Toast Notification Background Task Event Handlers

Use background tasks to handle toast notification click and close events. Requires Windows 10 May 2020 Update or later. – Windows


Enable Windows 11 Acrylic effect in menus

Enables support for the Acrylic effect in menus, if it is available on the system. Requires Windows 11 or later. – Windows


Web App Widgets

Enables the ability to create widgets for web apps. Requires Windows 11 version 22000.20 or higher. – Windows


WebXR Hand Input

Enables hand input for WebXR. – Windows


Browser tab experiences in Windows

Allows Windows to show open Microsoft Edge tabs in OS experiences like Alt + Tab, pinned sites, and more. – Windows


Enable MIP for PDF

Enables viewing of MIP protected files in the browser – Mac, Windows, Linux


Add video comments in PDF

You can add Flipgrid and YouTube videos to PDFs as comments. Edge will support inline playback of these videos. We would love to hear any enhancements you would like to see in this feature. Please use the send feedback option or tweet with #EdgeEdu #EdgeCamera – Mac, Windows


Enable Digital Signature for PDF

Enables verification of digital signature in PDF files in the browser. This feature can be managed via the "Enable Secure Environment for Digitally Signed PDF" policy. Note: If the Policy is enabled, it will take precedence over the feature flag. – Mac, Windows


Command Palette

Enable DevTools command bar to quickly access DevTools commands, invoked with Ctrl+Q – Mac, Windows, Linux


Global Media Controls

Enables the Global Media Controls UI in the toolbar. – Mac, Windows, Linux


JSON Viewer

Allows users to view JSON files in a formatted view directly in the browser – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable support for XFA in PDF

Enables loading XFA based forms in PDF. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable screenshot

Enables screenshot. – Mac, Windows


New PDF Viewer

Enables the new experimental version of PDF reader. – Windows


Enable gpu service logging

Enable printing the actual GL driver calls. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Hardware Media Key Handling

Enables using media keys to control the active media session. This requires MediaSessionService to be enabled too – Mac, Windows, Linux


File Handling API

Enables the file handling API, allowing websites to register as file handlers. – Mac, Windows, Linux


File Handling Icons

Allows websites using the file handling API to also register file type icons. See https://github.com/WICG/file-handling/blob/main/explainer.md for more information. – Mac, Windows, Linux



Experimental security mode that strengthens the site isolation policy. Controls whether site isolation should use origins instead of scheme and eTLD+1. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Storage Access API

Enables the Storage Access API, allowing websites to request storage access when it would otherwise be restricted. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Use DNS https alpn

When enabled, Edge may try QUIC on the first connection using the ALPN information in the DNS HTTPS record. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Web Bundles

Enables experimental supports for Web Bundles (Bundled HTTP Exchanges) navigation. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Back-forward cache

If enabled, caches eligible pages after cross-site navigations.To enable caching pages on same-site navigations too, choose 'enabled same-site support'. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Windows Scrolling Personality

If enabled, mousewheel and keyboard scrolls will scroll by a percentage of the scroller size and the default scroll animation is replaced with Impulse-style scroll animations. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Elastic Overscroll

Enables Elastic Overscrolling on touchscreens and precision touchpads. – Windows, Android


Full User-Agent request header

If set, use the full (non-reduced) user agent string for the User-Agent request header and the JS APIs. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Run video capture service in browser

Run the video capture service in the browser process. – Windows


MediaFoundation Video Capture

Enable/Disable the usage of MediaFoundation for video capture. Fall back to DirectShow if disabled. – Windows


Enable new features that affect setting, sending, and managing cookies. The enabled features are subject to change at any time. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Permissions Chip Experiment

Enables an experimental permission prompt that uses a chip in the location bar. – Mac, Windows, Linux


Enable PWA install update dialog for icon changes

Enable a confirmation dialog that shows up when a PWA changes its icon – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Enable PWA install update dialog for name changes

Enable a confirmation dialog that shows up when a PWA changes its name – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android



Enables the new prerenderer implementation for <script type=speculationrules> that specifies prerender candidates. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Omnibox trigger for Prerender2

Enables the new omnibox trigger prerenderer implementation. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Enable First-Party Sets

When enabled, Edge will apply First-Party Sets to features such as the SameParty cookie attribute. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Fake audio capture timestamps

Emulates audio capture timestamps instead of using timestamps from the actual audio device. Can be used as a temporary workaround in situations where the selected audio device generates invalid timestamp sequences. – Windows


Partitioned cookies

Controls if the Partitioned cookie attribute is enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Experimental third-party storage partitioning.

Enables partitioning of third-party storage by top-level site. Note: this is under active development and may result in unexpected behavior. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Put major version in minor version position in User-Agent

Lock the Microsoft Edge major version in the User-Agent string to 99, and force the major version number to the minor version position. This flag is a backup plan for unexpected site-compatibility breakage with a three digit major version. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Origin-keyed Agent Clusters by default

Select the default behaviour for the Origin-Agent-Cluster http header. If enabled, an absent header will cause pages to be assigned to an origin-keyed agent cluster, and to a site-keyed agent cluster when disabled. Documents whose agent clusters are origin-keyed cannot set document.domain to relax the same-origin policy. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


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